These multi-row rotary cultivation and strip tillage machines are the result of modern research and design so that they will work efficiently in all row crop applications.  They are versatile machines consisting of a main frame, a drive shaft, universal 3-point hitch, gearbox, depth control wheels and a set of tilling heads, each independent of the other and fully adjustable to working requirements, either on raised beds or full field crops.  Machine can be calibrated to weed even the smallest of seedlings.

By breaking the upper crust of the soil after heavy rains or irrigation will improve soil aeration and temperature control, after which irrigation won’t run off, but will penetrate the soil better making optimum use of watering.

By adding a fertilizer unit on the machine, weeding and fertilizing can be done in one motion.  The fertilizer container can take up to 450 kg of fertilizer.  Fertilizer can be dispersed either in-between the rows or on each planting row, therefore only putting fertilizer were it is needed.